Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life in Technicolor

This stinkin thing hasn't been updated-because, well, I was telling myself that I haven't done anything worth sharing. Then I changed my mind...

I decided that I get to keep this up for my fabulous friends-whom I miss more than words can say-AND to remind myself that life for a girlie who spends all her time with 5 year olds is pretty amazing after all.

So...with Guitar Lessons, Learning Spanish and Dutch (thank you Berlitz), reading for KJK T.R.A.S.H., Liberty Elem., Concerts, the Step Out to Fight Diabetes 2008 Walk, Creating for, etc., this gets to be updated on a regular basis. I'm aiming for every Saturday-at least. And yes, I get to include pictures. (I know...;))


As a taste of what's to come, here is a random list of my last few weeks-in no particular order:

I'm learning I Will by The Beatles for guitar. I'm also working on strumming patterns and both 6th and 5th string root bar chords. I have callouses on my fingers and one running the length of my left index finger... My lessons are every Saturday, from 1:30-2:30. I'm learning on my Acoustic/Electric purple Ovation Celebrity (then I'll break out the Luna, Fender or AXL).

I had dinner with Blues Legend Bryan Lee and his band last Tuesday (Sept. 2, 08) and loved up John Lisi his new guitar player (BEFORE I know just WHO he was a good thing, I'm thinking...) ;)

I started work at Liberty Elementary two weeks ago-but my kids started school last Thursday (Sept. 4, 08). I've had a blast, learned a lot and decided that I had best learn some Spanish to keep up.

I ripped up the carpet in my bathroom and my brother and I put down tile. All in 4 days-by ourselves. (I mostly watched, but DID get to smoosh grout and clean up...)

My Walk Team, "Team-The Jon Dansie Band", has raised just under $900 for Diabetes research. We just found out that Cyprus Credit Union/CRA donated $300 towards our team goal of $10,000! We will Step Out on September 27, 2008. See my page for more info: Or see my team page to check our progress!


Life is Gorgeous...

Until next,