Monday, March 29, 2010

La Di Da...

I went back to Lowes this afternoon and spent about an hour out in the wind drooling over the gorgeous Spring plants.

Ranunculus are my FAVORITE and I LOVED these colors! 
(next to tulips...)

This is my front planter...under my bedroom window.  This is a twisted view, but I love it!  It has all of the important bits:
tulips, sedum, violets, and a few ranunculus that I planted last year.

I  some snapdragons and pansies to fill in around the tulips in the front. 
They remind me of Alice in Wonderland! :)

I've never seen this plant before.  The tag said it's a 'Fragrant Wallflower'.
I loved the bright yellow and purple mix, but the best part is that it was COVERED in...

Tasty anaheim peppers...
(I also put the fabulous wall-o-waters around two different types of tomatoes.)

PARSNIPS!!!  I plated these last Summer...but they are better if you let them winter over...
I'm going to fill the gaps in with beets.

It was so windy that I had to pull my hair back in a clip AND a braid...
Even then, the wind pulled it out.
(I'm also noticing that it's BEYOND time to color my hair.  My black has faded to red and brown...and the blond roots are scary!)

I found a peat pot full of red and white tulips.  I put them in my tulip house for inside...
I'll get the table cleaned off soon...promise...

I put these under my Japanese Maple tree in the front yard...mostly for the quail.
Our neighbor planted strawberries in the strip of dirt next to our fence and a few starts have made their way into this patch.  I thought they might like some company. :)

This is under our picture window.  There are close to 100 tulips in this planter, but it still needed some color.  I added some pansies and snapdragons here, too.

I'm tingling in anticipation... 


Saturday, March 27, 2010


& Crash Kings!!!!!

(In tight pants)

It started off with this...

And after an amazing hour of being close enough I could see in their mouths and the outlines of pockets, I got this...

(Without the onstage dancers...)

Seriously, it was one of the best shows I've been to (and that's saying a LOT!)

I didn't get this:

But I really wish I had...  And I kind of wish, I was on my way to Vegas with them...

Much Love,


Friday, March 26, 2010

Custom M.U.S.E....

I know I've posted these pics just about EVERYWHERE else...but I'm REALLY happy and proud of my work! (Besides that, I wanted a more permanent record of them. I'm actually planning on printing my blog one day... :) )

I was asked-and very honored-to create a logo and a custom web design for a hand made guitar about two weeks ago. Daniel, the master craftsman is 16 and he did ALL of the work on his own. I think he did an amazing job (and want him to design ME a guitar one day!)

This is the logo that I created for Daniel. I included the spider (which I LOVE!) as a surprise. I hope he likes it! This is done out of matte black adhesive vinyl. I designed the logo on the Gypsy and cut it with the Cricut. I LOVE Provo Craft...they have made my life SO much easier-and fun...and messy...and creative!

The ONLY instructions Daniel had for me was, "Cover it in spiderwebs!". I hope this is something like what he had in mind. I hand cut this out of the same black vinyl as the logo using an Exacto knife and LOTS of patience. I absolutely LOVE the contrast between the matte black vinyl and the satin finish of the guitar. This pic doesn't do it justice, but I swear, I was drooling a bit when I got it on. I chose adhesive vinyl for this project because the guitar will be played. Static vinyl is a great choice for guitars, but given the location of the largest web, Daniel's arm will be in almost constant contact with the design. I didn't want the web to budge!

I've had a few questions about how adhesive vinyl works...and if it could damage the surface of the guitars. My thought is, NO! It should NOT damage the surface/finish of your guitar. The adhesive vinyl I use is the kind made to go on walls, glass, ceramic, etc. I have NEVER seen it damage or harm any surface. This vinyl IS removable, but NOT reusable. Also, for matte or satin finish guitars, the static vinyl has a difficult time sticking-adhesive is the best bet. I have both adhesive and static vinyl on a few of my personal guitars and have NEVER had a problem! On the plus side, static vinyl is removable and reusable! :)
*For those who are interested, a job like this including a custom logo and a hand cut design sells for around $60 (depending on size, materials and time).

Thursday, March 25, 2010


& Annamon.

At a particularly fabulous and quick trip to Ikea, Brienne and I stumbled upon some of the most amazing fabric. Me being in my nesting phase and LOVING that I'm actually able to sew straight lines, NEEDED to pick some up.

My favorite is the one below. How bizarre is THIS???

Yep! That's right! Those are head bucking goats...and a triumphant mountain climber. And what's that up there in the right hand corner? Could it be...?

YES!!! Severed goat heads floating in the water under the bridge.
I really loved the hot pink and green mix crafty fox print too...

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these. I only got a yard of each of them. The thought actually occurred that I could turn them into picnic blankets...but then I remember that I don't have picnics. So...who knows?!
*Do any of you have suggestions???

I really liked the bright yellow dandelion fairy print. I think it's going to end up as the inside of a purse...

And the fabulous grey gets to be the outside! I have an idea for a bag...I hope it won't be too overwhelming!

Much love,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lemon Button...

Today I went to Lowes. We're adding on to our raised bed garden and needed more wood to build a new home for our corn. While wandering around, I found this:

A GORGEOUS happy fern named 'Lemon Button'! She is an Exotic Angel Plant (I LOVE Exotic Angel plants!!!) that loves indirect light and medium water. I have the perfect white ceramic pot picked out and she'll live on the side of my tub surrounded by river rock. :)

I also ran across this beautiful new book! 'Handmade Home-Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures'. By Amanda Blake Soule. I instantly fell in love with her projects, her family and her. I can't wait to make the sweet banner pictured on the cover! Along with each project, you'll find a story that accompanies. Often they are very personal and touching.

I felt like I wanted to be Amanda's new best friend and was delighted to find that she has a blog! You can find her-along with her photos, links to buy this book and 'The Creative Family', her first book and other interesting finds at: PLEASE go check her out! I hope you love what you see and read as much as I do!
Much Love,

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I TOTALLY forgot. One of my favorite random finds is 'The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters'. It's creepy. It's weird. It's Victorian England on...acid. I picked it up the day it was released (in August 2006) on a whim...because I had an excellent coupon from Barnes and Noble. I was THRILLED with this twisted, HUGE (it's 768 pages!) book. The reviews aren't all that positive-but I was hooked.

Last year, a follow up was released in March. 'The Dark Volume' came and went...and got lost. I have been so terribly busy that I didn't pick it up. However...last night while pre-ordering 'Mockingjay' and 'The Murderous Procession' I snagged a copy!

I know that I have a lot on my plate...and very limited amounts of time to read. But...
I couldn't leave this behind. Again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Editions...

I am SO excited!!! 'Alice I Have Been' by Melanie Benjamin was chosen as this month's Slow Readers Book Club book! It promises to be fast and easy...and a great read! It's historical fiction, which I LOVE...

Which brings me to:

I Am THRILLED for 'A Murderous Procession'! I love Ariana Franklin's work and the rest of the 'Mistress of the Art of Death 'series. When I finished the third, 'Grave Goods', I just knew there would be more. There HAD to be more! This will be released on April 1st, but I pre-ordered it tonight!

This is another that I'm anticipating with bated breath. I. Can't. WAIT for 'Mockingjay'!!! (I also pre-ordered this one! It will be released on August 24th.)

Courtney talked me into reading 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. (Thank you, Love!) No more than 8 pages into HG and I was hooked. Sucked in completely. It was difficult (an easy, fast read, though not pretty) to read and I often found myself shaking I was so scared/angry/nervous...and I cried. A lot. I hated what Katniss had to go through and couldn't help but put myself in the story line. What would I do if I were in that situation??? I read this so fast (less that 2 days) that I ended up dreaming the Games. Not pretty. I also couldn't eat or sleep. I think EVERYONE needs to read this, but I caution: If you do, you won't have a life for a day or two!

'Catching Fire' is the second in the series. Because of the horrible dreams the first gave me, I forced myself to take a break. I had to hide it so I wouldn't become completely consumed. Again. But, desire took hold of me and I dug the book out. I am making myself read this one slower-and more thoroughly. I feel like I missed a lot from Hunger Games-I was so anxious to get to the end...and make sure everything was "okay". Right now, I'm mad. I do NOT like what's happening...and I've been told it's only going to get worse...
The thought occurred to me the other day that I just may be the ONLY person left that actually anticipates new releases...not just to read the books, but to feel and experience a good, long, hard back book. AND to top that, there's the thrill of holding a first edition in my hands. First editions always smell better, feel better, and look amazing on the shelf. A HUGE thank you to all of my favorite authors, for your dedication and hard work. It's not overlooked.
Much Love,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inside Out...

Does this dog...

look like he could do....


(Seriously, this is the scariest thing I've ever seen...)
I love my baby...