Thursday, December 2, 2010


A couple Saturdays ago, Starchild hosted their first semi-annual "Celebration of Music" held at The Bicentennial (INDOOR!!! :)) Pavillion on November 20th.  We had TONS of food and about 150 people.  As both a Student AND part sort of owner, I got to participate.  I chose to play Blackbird, by the most fabulous Beatles.  I love this song, and think that I play it rather well...alone.  It took A LOT for me to get up and play for family, friends...and strangers.  B and I chose to play it in a non-traditional way.  We did not play the song verbatum.  We didn't follow any sheets of music.  We just got up...and played.  He called the shots, and I kept up, the best I could. 



Much Love,