Tuesday, August 9, 2011


{image via pinterest. / thereadables.tumblr.com}

I first found this from Marta, who just happens to have a crazy classy blog that I adore, and thought that it was absolutely PERFECT for today...seeing how, it's less than 12 hours until Go Time...  ;)

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 5 White Frames...August...

Remember how I told you that I had all sorts of goodies all printed up and ready to be swapped out for the July pics? Yeah...most of them were a tad too small.  Dang.  But...that posed an interesting challenge! I got to dig around and play in found pics, old books, and pulled out magazine articles.  I LOVE they way they turned out!  I love the mix of colors.  They're all so happy and summery. 

See?! The colors are fun together!
(Yes, that's my hat.  No, I don't wear it.  In public...)

I absolutely LOVED how you can see my chandeliers in this one!
I thought it went really well with the Marie Antoinette gang. 

The goat was from a really old pilfered copy of Three Billy Goats from Liberty. :)
I love goats...

Marie Antoinette and her Birthday Cake.
(I want my B-day cake to look just like it.  Just sayin'...)

You can see it a bit better in the other pics, but the small one says,
"Enjoy the Ride"
I love it...and swiped it from Shabby Blogs...I love Shabby Blogs...

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I've been tagged...

4 months ago...(Sorry Kels!) I've been not...paying attention... (LARGE things have been on my mind lately! ;)) Sounds like terrible fun, though!

{i've been tagged}

4 shows I watch:

1) Bones (I CANNOT for the life of me understand WHY more people don't watch this show. I. LOVE. IT.)
2) Jonathan Creek 
3) How I Met Your Mother
4) Nova

4 things I'm passionate about:

1) My Art (Even though it's sort of...far and few between, lately.)
2) Music
3) My Job (I LOVE my job!)
4) My Faith (Ditto! Darling Kels! It's just one of those core, unwavering beliefs...)

4 phrases I say a lot:

1) DUDE! (Yeah.  I'm all but 30 and still say, "DUDE!" about 20 billion times a day.)
2) Yes, Love?
3) Gah! (this is more used in texting, but it's still used a lot!
4) Seriously!? (Both as a question AND as a statement!)

4 things I have learned from the past:

1) Trust in my Heavenly Father and I can do anything.
2)  Mr. Rogers knew his stuff.
3)  Elementary school is the best!
4)  Life doesn't happen according to "my plan".  (And that's okay-see #1)
4 things I did yesterday:

1)  Ate Del Taco while watching Bones (season 3)
2)  Made The 5 White Frames for August
3)  Listened to JET
4) Watched it rain...and rain...and rain...and rain...
4 places I would love to visit:

1) Pennsylvania and DC for some American History.
2) Japan
3) England
4) The Jellyfish lake in Phuket.
4 things I'm looking forward to:

1) 8:30 am, August 10th, 2011  :)
2) The newest Dansie arriving.
3) The abundance of zucchini that late August always brings.
4) Weird, I know...but going back to work! I miss the routine...and my great Liberty friends!
4 things I love about spring:

1) Tulips

2) WARM SUN, but being able to still get away with cardigans.
3)  The end of school...
4)  The happiness that Easter brings! (okay...the giddiness the Easter/April Martha Stewart brings me...)
TAG! YOU'RE IT!! Now, it's you're turn, ANNNDEEE!!!, Miss Larson, Des! (I know how busy you are Des, but I'd LOVE to see your answers!)
Much Love,