Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 5 White Frames...August...

Remember how I told you that I had all sorts of goodies all printed up and ready to be swapped out for the July pics? Yeah...most of them were a tad too small.  Dang.  But...that posed an interesting challenge! I got to dig around and play in found pics, old books, and pulled out magazine articles.  I LOVE they way they turned out!  I love the mix of colors.  They're all so happy and summery. 

See?! The colors are fun together!
(Yes, that's my hat.  No, I don't wear it.  In public...)

I absolutely LOVED how you can see my chandeliers in this one!
I thought it went really well with the Marie Antoinette gang. 

The goat was from a really old pilfered copy of Three Billy Goats from Liberty. :)
I love goats...

Marie Antoinette and her Birthday Cake.
(I want my B-day cake to look just like it.  Just sayin'...)

You can see it a bit better in the other pics, but the small one says,
"Enjoy the Ride"
I love it...and swiped it from Shabby Blogs...I love Shabby Blogs...

Much Love,



lifeinredshoes said...

I want a piece of that cake...just sayin:)

jonnajonna said...

Hehe! If I get it...I'll save you some! :)