Friday, June 24, 2011


THIS is my official drink of Summer.  NOT Country Time Lemonade, like the ad on Pandora was trying to convince me.  Orange Fanta always has and always will be Summer for me.  It's my fave...thank heavens that I discovered Fanta Zero (a big THANK YOU goes out to the happy people at the Coca-Cola Company for their Zero genius!)!  And, I especially love it with my awesome blue straw...

Much Love,


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am SO excited for this!  I downloaded the book today!
I heart my Nook so much!

Much Love,


Friday, June 17, 2011

Best. Trip. Ever...!

Thank you, Orlando for:

making me dizzy
and a little bit nauseous
and giddy
and exhausted
and hungry
and HOT
and dampish
and soaked
and full
making me scream
and laugh-a lot...
fanta twist floats
the Tower
meeting the Yeti (again...and again...and again...)
foot-long churros
front row
and back row
Aerosmith with sub woofers
the great people watching...

...and these:

{YES! We were in the front row!!}

{Another front row!}

{This one we were in the back for all but 1 or the 5 times we rode one day...}

{I SOOO loved this ride!  It's in the dark-but this video has the lights on...}


(I didn't take any of these videos...they were all borrowed from YouTube... )

Pictures will come soon...I promise!

Much Love,