Thursday, December 2, 2010


A couple Saturdays ago, Starchild hosted their first semi-annual "Celebration of Music" held at The Bicentennial (INDOOR!!! :)) Pavillion on November 20th.  We had TONS of food and about 150 people.  As both a Student AND part sort of owner, I got to participate.  I chose to play Blackbird, by the most fabulous Beatles.  I love this song, and think that I play it rather well...alone.  It took A LOT for me to get up and play for family, friends...and strangers.  B and I chose to play it in a non-traditional way.  We did not play the song verbatum.  We didn't follow any sheets of music.  We just got up...and played.  He called the shots, and I kept up, the best I could. 


Much Love,


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Somebody likes to watch...

I FOUND IT!!!  I have been searching for Watcher in the Woods for close to 8 years now (yeah, I know, it's on Amazon...) with no luck.  I got it for Brienne for her birthday many, many years ago, but loved her enough to actually give it to her.  I've been missing it ever since, but I was able to get my grubby paws on it tonight! Yes, that's what I'm doing as SOON as I get home!!!  "trapped in my dimension..."  HA!

We've been wondering and hoping and wanting to find the "Somebody likes to watch!!!" movie for just as many years and...???

YES!!!  Brienne did some investigation work:  Check out Kindertrama for the trailer and the response to Brie's inquiry...  :)

This is another one of my favorites.  It's completely creepy...but not for the reason you may be thinking...  ;)

Enjoy...  HA!

Much Love,


Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Facebook Fans of Starchild get ready for our first GIVEAWAY!!!

I have been asked by Starchild Music Productions to provide the goodies for the first of many monthly Giveaways!  Here are the the ways to be enterered:

Current fans get one entry.  Not a fan yet? Find us HERE!
Leave a comment on Starchild's Facebook Wall that tells us WHY you love Starchild to get another entry.

Suggest Starchild to your Facebook friends and get one more!
(Please Facebook message me-Jonelle Dansie-with the names of your friends you suggest so you will get credit!)

Repost this giveaway on your Facebook profile or Blog (Comment here to let me know you did!) and get ONE MORE! (You can have TWO more if you do both... :) )

Current students of Jon or Brandon will get ANOTHER entry! Leave us another Facebook wall comment letting us know that you are-and tell us your favorite thing that you’ve learned during one of your lessons!

The drawing will take place on September 8th and will include your choice of 3 MUSE Guitar Bling (These work on ANY slick surface!!), 1 MUSE On the Rocks etched glass and one MUSE Custom Switchplate.

(Stay tuned for pictures!)
GOOD LUCK everyone and PLEASE check out Starchild on their website and fbook page! :) 
http://starchildmusicproductions/ and 
Much Love,

Friday, August 27, 2010


The 24th was the publishing date for my much anticipated MOCKINGJAY!!!!  It was a long, hard summer to wait for the third to come-I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!

But...the 24th came and went...and I didn't have my book.  WHY?  Because UPS didn't put it on the truck to deliver it until the NIGHT of the 23rd.  Rude.  (You pre-order so you can have it in your grubbies ON THE DAY IT'S RELEASED!)  The 25th rolled around and it wasn't dropped off until 6.  I was gone by then.  I didn't get to start reading until 11 that evening, and I was so tired that I fell asleep in the middle of chapter 2.  Sad.

Last night I put off everything else and let myself read.  I was able to make it to page 134 before passing out... and OH MY HONEST!!!!!!!!!  I can't STAND it!!  I want to know what happens, who wins, who lives, who dies, who she ends up with...IF she makes it...  The anticipation-that's showing up as pure anxiety-is KILLING me and I just can't read fast enough. 

Court, I promise that I'll have a good chunk-at least-down by Monday.  No more sleep.  No more food.  No other plans.  I promise. 

Don't bother me.  I'm reading...

Much Love,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here you go...

So...we were talking today and wondered out loud if  "he's a tall glass of water" means what we think it means.  (We were a little bit in the gutter...) Well, I did a little digging and found some FANTASTIC results on a public forum:

"Apart from the obvious (that he was tall)... maybe the person using the phrase in English was trying to imply that the man was also "refreshing" (mentally/emotionally/physically???)."

"In the Southern part of the U.S. we say someone is a tall glass of water when they are physically attractive. "Look at her, now that woman is one tall glass of water..." "

"I have only heard the expression "a tall drink of water," which simply means "a very tall person." I would only use it for a person who is also thin. It wouldn't have anything to do with whether they are attractive or not."

"Any idea of the origins of these idioms? If a very tall person took a drink of water, it would have a lot longer to go to reach their stomach. Maybe that has something to do with it?"

"Yes, I've heard "she is a tall, cool, drink of water", meaning that she is "refreshing" to look at and a pleasure to behold! Also, it gives the idea that someone is very "cool" or composed."

"Just another note--the fact that the person is attractive is more important than the fact that they are tall."

"Apparently we "yankees" take things more literally. I can see why someone in the sultry South would think a cold beverage was very attractive. If I called someone a "warm cup of cocoa" on a cold January day up here in the North, I would certainly be saying that they were appealing--not that they were short and fat with a head that looks like a marshmallow. "

"A tall glass of water refers to someone who is innocuous, harmless, basically of no importance."
People are amazing. 
Much Love,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

Cause I was...

What is the origin of the custom of knocking on wood for luck?


A few possibilities are repeated fairly consistently in the search results for our query "knock on wood origin."

The explanation we prefer is the ancient belief that spirits either dwelled in or guarded trees. We prefer this because many cultures around the world show evidence of tree worship dating back thousands of years.

Greeks worshipped the oak as it was sacred to Zeus, Celts believed in tree spirits, and both believed touching sacred trees would bring good fortune. Irish lore holds that "touching wood" is a way to thank the leprechauns for a bit of luck. Pagans also held similar beliefs of protective tree spirits. Chinese and Koreans thought the spirits of mothers who died in childbirth remained in nearby trees.
Another explanation points to the wooden Christian cross as the origin of "good luck," although this is likely a Christian adaptation of earlier pagan practices.

A Jewish version traces the origin to the Spanish Inquisition of the 15th century. At the time, persecuted Jews fled to synagogues built of wood, and they devised a coded knock to gain admission. Since this practice spared countless lives, it became common to "knock on wood" for good luck.

So there you go...

Much Love,


Yes Please...

Home Ec is AMAZING!!!  I've been moving slower than I would like (stinkin schedule!), but have loved every minute of it!  I can't wait to get everything made!  I've learned a lot already: not only about sewing...but about my happy Brother machine named Lola, and myself.  Stuff like, "If it tells you to use an iron, just do it!"

I've spent sufficient time on Etsy making a wish list of pretty fabric and ric rac and binding...  Take a look!

Vintage Fabric -----Golden Goodness --- Remnant
by JaneSaysVintage

Vintage fabric - blue green and aqua floral
by thriftypyg

Vintage fabric - small orange rose trio
by thriftypyg

Vintage Fabric - Butterfly Pattern in Pink, Black and Gold - By the Yard 
by pumpkintruck

So So LOVELY Vintage Sheet ----- Yellow Rose
by JaneSaysVintage

Vintage Fabric - PINK ROSES - Fine Cotton Yardage
by SelvedgeShop

Vintage yard. fabric. pink. aqua. floral.
by funkeyfinds

50 cents ea Vintage destash yardage trim lot
by reginasstudio

You Are My Sunshine. . . 14 yds of Vintage Trim
by beansyweensy

All of these gorgeous finds can be found on my favorites!!

Much Love,


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

San Francisco...

I love you. 

Whole heartily.  I didn't want to leave!  I loved the food (TONY'S, STELLA'S, THAT GELATO JOINT (!?!), ZA PIZZA, SUSHI!!!), the atmosphere, the way it smelled... The three days I was there with Court and Colette were, literally, the best three days of the summer...

We were told many times that we were lucky-
From what we were told, it was a very rare few clear days.

On Chestnut...I think...  Just after we walked past the model shoot.
Alcatraz looks so little...

Lombard Street!!!

The view of Lombard and surrounding from the top of Coit Tower.

I LOVE that Peter and Paul get to share...

Views from our fantastic ferry ride.  It was SO cold and windy!

This is taken inside Alcatraz...
I can't imagine being inside and knowing that freedom was so close...

The Social Hall was destroyed by a fire during the Native American occupation of Alcatraz.
It was my favorite building on the island.

(A BIG) Breakfast at Dottie's

In front of Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill-one of the Scavo twins (from Desperate Housewives) took this picture of us.  :)
*You can't tell how freakin happy Courtney is, can you...

The Ghiberti Doors

Darwin E. Coon
Alcatraz inmate # 1422 from 1959-1963
He was in the Alcatraz gift shop signing his biography-so I bought one...
...for Father's Day...

Our friend "David" the Coit Tower elevator operator.
"Welcome to my office..."

I seriously love this picture of the three of us.  :)

I absolutely LOVED Wicked!
It was GORGEOUS!!!

The chocolate ice cream at Ghirardelli was SO super tasty!

Alcatraz was my FAVORITE part of the trip. 
I loved it, and now, I'm kind of obsessed with it's history...

Girls, THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an amazing trip! 

Much Love,


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

China Meadows...

Last weekend, Brie, John and myself froze our booties off at China Meadows Camp Ground in Wyoming. We went up for the Perseid meteor shower-but stayed for the camp fire nachos...and frogs.

On the way home, we stopped at Fort Bridger and met Herb and Bob...and learned EVERYTHING there was to know about Fort Bridger, Jim Bridger, the Trading Post, the Dog, Bob's wife, his kids, his grand kids, school, Wyoming, cancer, butter churns, rabbit holes, a local historic bridge, ledger books, Brigham Young, Native Americans, Mormons, Salt Lake, Pioneers, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Pony Express, how much it cost to mail a letter, buffalo skin, guns, saws, wood drawers, paper collars, canned meat, derby hats, where stuff is, where it should be and EVERYTHING in between. 

This reminded me of THIS:

Much Love,


Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Ec...

Happy Birthday to ME!!! I just signed up for the possibly COOLEST Home Ec Class EVER! My life has been such a mess lately, with so many things up in the air. I want to change my Major and run away. The other day, I asked myself, "What EXACTLY do YOU want to do?" My answer? "I want to do this: Smile and Wave: HOME EC [Full Details & Registration]." So, the day before it begins on the perfectly auspicious day of 8/10, I did.

I'm still not sure about the rest of my life, but I'm happy about this. I am so excited for the joy it will bring-and I can't WAIT to get to make something snazzy out of my garden gnome fabric! :)

Much Love,


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

77 Things About Me...

I saw Brienne's list of 77 things a while back and loved it.  I know her pretty well (YAY!) but learned some amazingly fun and insightful things while reading her List...and it got me thinking.  What would I put on my List?  What hasn't already been shared?  What fantastic things would my friends and family learn about me?  NEVER did I think that I could learn something new about myself.  During the writing of The List, which took about a day to complete, I had numerous insights, discovered new passions and unlocked a few deep seeded longings.  Read on, enjoy, and if there is anything that we share, let me know... ;)

1)  I love parsnips
2)  Marie Antoinette is my idol
3)  I miss eating OJ Cereal while watching Fraggle Rock
4)  I fell in love with French macaroons upon seeing them.
5)  I love the smell of baby dolls
5)  I really did leave my heart in San Francisco
7)  I love the amazing vintage charm of Stella's Pasty and the cute Jason Schwartzman look-alike behind the counter
8)  I am SO thankful that Jack choose me
9)  Yellow shoes make me happy
10) I want a black dining room one day
11) I want to collect vintage French glass
12) I wish I had a star named after me
13) I freeze up when asked to play guitar for everyone except Brandon
14) I love rock hounding
15) I wish I lived in the city where Ghost Whisperer is filmed
16) I'm an old soul, but don't look or act my age
17) I love graffiti
18) I wan to go to Philadelphia to learn about American history
19) I can't wait for the day I become a mom
20) I like to wear eye shadow
21) I liked the way my JET/Depot hand stamped looked and secretly wished it was permanent
22) I think I'll have twins
23) I don't like going to the mall, but I dream about them
24) I love Tonic Water and Bridge Mix
25) Labrodite is my new favorite stone
26) I have when people say, "anyhow", "furthermore", or "anyways"
27) I kind of, really wish I could go to Hogwarts
28) I love scary movies and books
29) One of the best Christmas presents I ever got was a jar of salsa
30) Ranunculus and tulips are my favorite flowers
31) Ryan McGinness is my favorite artist
32) I really love Thai food
33) I am beyond excited for The Green Hornet
34) I want to have someone say to my great grandchild, "Jonelle Dansie _____ was YOUR great grandmother?!"
35) I love everything Indie and Shabby Chic
36) I actually really love Utah
37) I still love The Goonies, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters
38) My bike's name is Billy
39) I wish I were Indiana Jones
40) I wish I could have grown up in Mayberry
41) I wish I could pull off bangs
42) I want to name a little girl Lola and a little boy Brody
43) I haven't seen any of the Star Wars movies all the way through
44) I want to learn how to skateboard
45) For some reason I attract all things Dutch-that is, everything except the thing I wanted most
46) I REALLY love Tommy Shaw...
47) ...and Nic Cester
48) I adore Jonathan Creek
49) I have horrible organization skills, but my closet is color coded by sleeve length
50) I cried when I heard Paul McCartney live-from a block and a half away
51) I still don't think I've found my life's calling
52) I really love stop motion animation
53) I believe in Angels-and talk to them
54) I like the way Play-Doh smells
55) I wish I could play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn
56) Jack Black makes me laugh.  A lot.
57) I have a Starchild Potato Head
58) I wish I were a runner
59) There was a while when I wished I were a Geisha
60) I like skull & crossbones
61) Spiders both scare and fascinate me
62) I still watch cartoons
63) I wish I knew how to use a lathe and like watching Woodturning Workshop
64) The Hunger Games and Catching Fire left me feeling uneasy.  I seriously don't know what I'd do in a situation like that...
65) I love Rainbow Snow's Tigers Blood
66) I over-think everything
67) I love to garden and check on my plants several times a day
68) I could eat Mexican food ANY time of day
69) Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie
70) I want to go to Montgomery, Alabama one day
71) I want to learn calligraphy
72) I really miss Hansen's Planetarium
73) I sew the way I cook...
74) I wish I could buy all new music on vinyl.  I love my records!
75) I wish I could have gone to a Beatles concert
76) I want a Gibson J-200 natural finish guitar one day
77) I want to write a children's book

Much Love,