Tuesday, August 3, 2010

77 Things About Me...

I saw Brienne's list of 77 things a while back and loved it.  I know her pretty well (YAY!) but learned some amazingly fun and insightful things while reading her List...and it got me thinking.  What would I put on my List?  What hasn't already been shared?  What fantastic things would my friends and family learn about me?  NEVER did I think that I could learn something new about myself.  During the writing of The List, which took about a day to complete, I had numerous insights, discovered new passions and unlocked a few deep seeded longings.  Read on, enjoy, and if there is anything that we share, let me know... ;)

1)  I love parsnips
2)  Marie Antoinette is my idol
3)  I miss eating OJ Cereal while watching Fraggle Rock
4)  I fell in love with French macaroons upon seeing them.
5)  I love the smell of baby dolls
5)  I really did leave my heart in San Francisco
7)  I love the amazing vintage charm of Stella's Pasty and the cute Jason Schwartzman look-alike behind the counter
8)  I am SO thankful that Jack choose me
9)  Yellow shoes make me happy
10) I want a black dining room one day
11) I want to collect vintage French glass
12) I wish I had a star named after me
13) I freeze up when asked to play guitar for everyone except Brandon
14) I love rock hounding
15) I wish I lived in the city where Ghost Whisperer is filmed
16) I'm an old soul, but don't look or act my age
17) I love graffiti
18) I wan to go to Philadelphia to learn about American history
19) I can't wait for the day I become a mom
20) I like to wear eye shadow
21) I liked the way my JET/Depot hand stamped looked and secretly wished it was permanent
22) I think I'll have twins
23) I don't like going to the mall, but I dream about them
24) I love Tonic Water and Bridge Mix
25) Labrodite is my new favorite stone
26) I have when people say, "anyhow", "furthermore", or "anyways"
27) I kind of, really wish I could go to Hogwarts
28) I love scary movies and books
29) One of the best Christmas presents I ever got was a jar of salsa
30) Ranunculus and tulips are my favorite flowers
31) Ryan McGinness is my favorite artist
32) I really love Thai food
33) I am beyond excited for The Green Hornet
34) I want to have someone say to my great grandchild, "Jonelle Dansie _____ was YOUR great grandmother?!"
35) I love everything Indie and Shabby Chic
36) I actually really love Utah
37) I still love The Goonies, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters
38) My bike's name is Billy
39) I wish I were Indiana Jones
40) I wish I could have grown up in Mayberry
41) I wish I could pull off bangs
42) I want to name a little girl Lola and a little boy Brody
43) I haven't seen any of the Star Wars movies all the way through
44) I want to learn how to skateboard
45) For some reason I attract all things Dutch-that is, everything except the thing I wanted most
46) I REALLY love Tommy Shaw...
47) ...and Nic Cester
48) I adore Jonathan Creek
49) I have horrible organization skills, but my closet is color coded by sleeve length
50) I cried when I heard Paul McCartney live-from a block and a half away
51) I still don't think I've found my life's calling
52) I really love stop motion animation
53) I believe in Angels-and talk to them
54) I like the way Play-Doh smells
55) I wish I could play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn
56) Jack Black makes me laugh.  A lot.
57) I have a Starchild Potato Head
58) I wish I were a runner
59) There was a while when I wished I were a Geisha
60) I like skull & crossbones
61) Spiders both scare and fascinate me
62) I still watch cartoons
63) I wish I knew how to use a lathe and like watching Woodturning Workshop
64) The Hunger Games and Catching Fire left me feeling uneasy.  I seriously don't know what I'd do in a situation like that...
65) I love Rainbow Snow's Tigers Blood
66) I over-think everything
67) I love to garden and check on my plants several times a day
68) I could eat Mexican food ANY time of day
69) Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie
70) I want to go to Montgomery, Alabama one day
71) I want to learn calligraphy
72) I really miss Hansen's Planetarium
73) I sew the way I cook...
74) I wish I could buy all new music on vinyl.  I love my records!
75) I wish I could have gone to a Beatles concert
76) I want a Gibson J-200 natural finish guitar one day
77) I want to write a children's book

Much Love,


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jonnajonna said...

and... 78) I want to work on my genealogy and discover that I have Scottish roots. I want my own Tartan. :)