Tuesday, August 17, 2010

China Meadows...

Last weekend, Brie, John and myself froze our booties off at China Meadows Camp Ground in Wyoming. We went up for the Perseid meteor shower-but stayed for the camp fire nachos...and frogs.

On the way home, we stopped at Fort Bridger and met Herb and Bob...and learned EVERYTHING there was to know about Fort Bridger, Jim Bridger, the Trading Post, the Dog, Bob's wife, his kids, his grand kids, school, Wyoming, cancer, butter churns, rabbit holes, a local historic bridge, ledger books, Brigham Young, Native Americans, Mormons, Salt Lake, Pioneers, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Pony Express, how much it cost to mail a letter, buffalo skin, guns, saws, wood drawers, paper collars, canned meat, derby hats, where stuff is, where it should be and EVERYTHING in between. 

This reminded me of THIS:

Much Love,



Des said...

Wait til Helen comes is one of my favorite books! :)

{B} said...

It was truly delightful. I love our adventures. Bob and Herb are my new adopted grandpa's.

Anonymous said...

First of all: what a great background! breathtaking! I've been away for a break and I just saw it for the first time...wow!

I imagine you had a great time in Wyoming, your adventures are cool and I didn't know that Wyoming had so many beautiful faces. That small frog is so cute, like a little miracle.
Big hug for you and hava a great relaxing Sunday!