Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yes Please...

Home Ec is AMAZING!!!  I've been moving slower than I would like (stinkin schedule!), but have loved every minute of it!  I can't wait to get everything made!  I've learned a lot already: not only about sewing...but about my happy Brother machine named Lola, and myself.  Stuff like, "If it tells you to use an iron, just do it!"

I've spent sufficient time on Etsy making a wish list of pretty fabric and ric rac and binding...  Take a look!

Vintage Fabric -----Golden Goodness --- Remnant
by JaneSaysVintage

Vintage fabric - blue green and aqua floral
by thriftypyg

Vintage fabric - small orange rose trio
by thriftypyg

Vintage Fabric - Butterfly Pattern in Pink, Black and Gold - By the Yard 
by pumpkintruck

So So LOVELY Vintage Sheet ----- Yellow Rose
by JaneSaysVintage

Vintage Fabric - PINK ROSES - Fine Cotton Yardage
by SelvedgeShop

Vintage yard. fabric. pink. aqua. floral.
by funkeyfinds

50 cents ea Vintage destash yardage trim lot
by reginasstudio

You Are My Sunshine. . . 14 yds of Vintage Trim
by beansyweensy

All of these gorgeous finds can be found on my favorites!!

Much Love,


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NiceArtLife.com said...

Gorgeous fabrics, my favorites are the fabrics on the 1st, 3rd and 4th photo, very stylish and elegant!