Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here you go...

So...we were talking today and wondered out loud if  "he's a tall glass of water" means what we think it means.  (We were a little bit in the gutter...) Well, I did a little digging and found some FANTASTIC results on a public forum:

"Apart from the obvious (that he was tall)... maybe the person using the phrase in English was trying to imply that the man was also "refreshing" (mentally/emotionally/physically???)."

"In the Southern part of the U.S. we say someone is a tall glass of water when they are physically attractive. "Look at her, now that woman is one tall glass of water..." "

"I have only heard the expression "a tall drink of water," which simply means "a very tall person." I would only use it for a person who is also thin. It wouldn't have anything to do with whether they are attractive or not."

"Any idea of the origins of these idioms? If a very tall person took a drink of water, it would have a lot longer to go to reach their stomach. Maybe that has something to do with it?"

"Yes, I've heard "she is a tall, cool, drink of water", meaning that she is "refreshing" to look at and a pleasure to behold! Also, it gives the idea that someone is very "cool" or composed."

"Just another note--the fact that the person is attractive is more important than the fact that they are tall."

"Apparently we "yankees" take things more literally. I can see why someone in the sultry South would think a cold beverage was very attractive. If I called someone a "warm cup of cocoa" on a cold January day up here in the North, I would certainly be saying that they were appealing--not that they were short and fat with a head that looks like a marshmallow. "

"A tall glass of water refers to someone who is innocuous, harmless, basically of no importance."
People are amazing. 
Much Love,

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Languages and their history and roots are very entertaining indeed. We use some expressions for many years without asking ourselves where the meaning comes from. And if you study the roots you discover this type of funny explanations. Humans indeed are great!