Saturday, April 24, 2010

Epic Flames...


After MONTHS of planning and worry and failure after failure, I finally have a page of vinyl flames for Vince's Duesenburg guitar.  I'm happy with they way they turned out...but I'm not sure if they're exactely what he had in mind.  My instructions were, "You could curve it like this..."  I'm really hoping that he'll find some that he can use and will like well enough to put on his baby! 

ps...I really like that you can see my fbook pic peeking out from behind the flames up top... :)

I'm thinking that I should probably cut another page in yellow...
Much Love,


Monday, April 19, 2010

{5 loves...Design Tools}

Sorry I missed you yesterday!  I've been feeling a bit off lately and spent most of my day either sleeping...or outside in the sun.  My reward?  A fabulous burn that quickly went brown! :)

My {5 loves} this week are my favorite Design Tools.  I thought about it for a bit and finally went with the ones that are making me 1, happiest and 2, making my life easier at the moment.   In no particular order (I think that Provo Craft should give me a job...):

(This works with your Cricut!)

(Yes, I had to type the whole thing!)

I am absolutely IN LOVE with these 5 things.
I'll have to get some pics posted of the projects that I've MADE with them!

Much Love,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

{5 loves...Music}

So...many of the blogs that I read have a weekly listing of the authors "loves".  I've done a few lists of my own over the past couple of months, but am REALLY loving the idea of having a weekly list!  My goal is to have a list of five themed loves each Sunday...

Today's list?  My five music loves!

(mine is engraved with:
j, Keep Your Antenna Up
& Follow the Muse)

Blackbird by The Beatles
Illustration by Folon from The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
I'm learning the picking pattern for Blackbird now.

I LOVE this amp!  It's portable, has amazing Marshall sound
it has a line in option so you can play your iPod through/with it!
Seriously, your iPod will never sound better!!!
With your iPod connected, you can play along with your favorite songs...

Much love!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something More...

Turns out that you can't take burritos into The Depot, but you CAN take cameras in...  Geez...I HAD to wear my tight skirt...

BIG thanks to Star for taking these pics that she shared with me I stole...

I look manic...and really hot.

Crash Kings
I LOVE Mike's Orange amp!

YES we were this close...  (I got even closer for JET!)
I was standing to the left a little, behind the guy in denim.  He smelled like a mix of cotton candy and the Henri Bendel Firewood candle.
It was nice...
The girl next to him, I'll call her "Beth", was excellent.  She came and rocked it alone.

Notice the pics on Mark's mic stand?
Apparently it's REALLY hard to get a good picture of them.
(The guy wearing a JET pass with a camera took about 30 before he shook his head and gave up.)
Way to go Star!!!  (She was also able to snag his set list!)
Also, enjoy Mark's pants and Italian leather Beatle boots and the mic for Chris. 
He sang every 5th song or so.

I LOVE this shot of Nic and Cam.
...and Mr. Security Guard...
Is it weird that I'm SURE that I had prolonged eye contact with Nic more than once?
Nah...It's totally normal, right?!
I also LOVED the old and loved Marshall in the backgound.
(And the keyboard guy with the bedroom eyes...)

Much Love,