Sunday, April 11, 2010

{5 loves...Music}

So...many of the blogs that I read have a weekly listing of the authors "loves".  I've done a few lists of my own over the past couple of months, but am REALLY loving the idea of having a weekly list!  My goal is to have a list of five themed loves each Sunday...

Today's list?  My five music loves!

(mine is engraved with:
j, Keep Your Antenna Up
& Follow the Muse)

Blackbird by The Beatles
Illustration by Folon from The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
I'm learning the picking pattern for Blackbird now.

I LOVE this amp!  It's portable, has amazing Marshall sound
it has a line in option so you can play your iPod through/with it!
Seriously, your iPod will never sound better!!!
With your iPod connected, you can play along with your favorite songs...

Much love!



jonnajonna said...

ps...I LOVE the ad for the Marshall! I think it's gorgeous! :)

rachel! said...

ohh, the marshall with ipod sounds freshhh. so nice, i bet!

oh, and how do you love the get lost and get clean teas? haha, revolutionary?!

niceartlife said...

The Blackbird illustration is my favourite too, beautiful! I wish you great new week!

jonnajonna said...

Thanks guys!!! I LOVE my Marshall, Rachel! It's amazing. The tonal quality is so clear and real. Mmmm...
I LOVE the teas! They make me happy. I don't know if they're actually working, but their cheery labels make me smile!
Blackbird is one of my favorite Beatle songs! :) I'm THRILLED to say that I've learned the whole song (finger picking) and am almost comfortable playing it for someone other than myself and B! :)