Thursday, April 1, 2010

Something More...

Turns out that you can't take burritos into The Depot, but you CAN take cameras in...  Geez...I HAD to wear my tight skirt...

BIG thanks to Star for taking these pics that she shared with me I stole...

I look manic...and really hot.

Crash Kings
I LOVE Mike's Orange amp!

YES we were this close...  (I got even closer for JET!)
I was standing to the left a little, behind the guy in denim.  He smelled like a mix of cotton candy and the Henri Bendel Firewood candle.
It was nice...
The girl next to him, I'll call her "Beth", was excellent.  She came and rocked it alone.

Notice the pics on Mark's mic stand?
Apparently it's REALLY hard to get a good picture of them.
(The guy wearing a JET pass with a camera took about 30 before he shook his head and gave up.)
Way to go Star!!!  (She was also able to snag his set list!)
Also, enjoy Mark's pants and Italian leather Beatle boots and the mic for Chris. 
He sang every 5th song or so.

I LOVE this shot of Nic and Cam.
...and Mr. Security Guard...
Is it weird that I'm SURE that I had prolonged eye contact with Nic more than once?
Nah...It's totally normal, right?!
I also LOVED the old and loved Marshall in the backgound.
(And the keyboard guy with the bedroom eyes...)

Much Love,


rachel! said...

oh, funnn! you were SO CLOSE. i love concerts where that happens. :)

and AAU! that look so nice! so you love graphic design? yeah, i think i'm pretty sure i'm going to go into graphic design, but now i just have to find out WHERE. what other schools did you look at before you decided on AAU?

jonnajonna said...

It was SUCH a great show...and my first for JET. We got SOOOO lucky! JET shows are usually beyond packed with assigned seats (of course). I am still thanking my lucky stars that our seats were GA and that we were early! :)

GD is perfect for me...whatever I end up doing with it! My dream goal is to start designing my own paper/stationary/invites AND do a bit of calligraphy...for my own store. I want to open up my own little happy space to do the designing/selling of the paper as well as other goodies in Amsterdam. :) It's a HUGE goal, but... Gotta dream, right? Before AAU, I looked into the programs offered at the University of Utah...which is about 10 minutes away from home. They had a great program, but something told me to hold off. I happened upon AAU and instantly fell in love. I was hooked when I received the course catalog in the mail! It was GORGEOUS!!! The cost of tuition is INSANE, but for the amount of info covered, it's worth it! This is just my first year, but I've learned so much. I'm doing it all online-I live in Utah and campus is in San Fran, which wasn't an option right now-and it's great! I mail/scan my work in for grades, etc.

I really hope that you find a place that works for you! From everything I've seen on your blog, you would be AMAZING!!! Good luck!

rachel! said...

ohh, that sounds SO FUN. i am so torn between actually going to school, or learning it on my own and establishing myself as i learn... ahh! the future can be frightening at times... but so full of opportunity! i LOVE your idea of your little boutique! that sounds FABULOUS. what's better than your own little space? ahhh! do you ever upload your work that you submit? i'd love to see it!