Sunday, January 30, 2011

19 more weeks...

I'm counting down.  I really am THAT excited...

Much Love,


Musical Genius...

Much Love,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

I think I'm a Type 1...

...but I haven't read the whole book yet.  (Which it turns very typical Type 1!)

One of the very top most defining qualities of happy, bubbly, bright, animated (all things me, right!?!?!  I wonder if 1's are sarcastic...?) is that they have so many amazing, wonderful, well-intentioned ideas that they very rarely accomplish them all...either that, or they get distracted by something gorgeous or sparkly, or someone, or something, or the joyous iPod.  Here is a random list of my current fantastic ideas:

Finishing my jellyroll strip quilt
Planning for Harry Potter in June
Starting a Log Cabin quilt
Snagging and ARL...
...and being "for real" at Liberty
Buying fabric for "a bag" that I have no idea how to make
Watching my new obsession in its entirety:  The Tudors
Listening to Paolo
...and JET
...and Crash Kings
...and STYX
...and Franz Ferdinand
...and The Strokes
...and Kings of Leon
...and discovering new amazing bands
Learning to play 'For You Blue'...
...and 'Growing Up Beside You'
...and 'Worried Man'
...and 'Sgt. Major'
...and getting the 12 bar Blues DOWN on my guitar
...and maybe even learning to play with a slide
Losing 30+ pounds and reaching my healthy goal weight... sticking to my 29 daily WW pointsplus points
Blogging more
Making more mini books
Reading 'The Dark Volume'...
...and 'The Scorch Trials
...and the rest of the Sisters Grimm series
...and 'The Arthurian Omen'
...and 'The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo'
...and 'A Single Voice'
...and 'The Last Lecture'
...and 'The Tales of Beetle the Bard'
...and the rest of 'It's Just My Nature', which got me thinking about this list in the first place
Yoga-ing daily...
...and hooping when there's room
Seeing more movies
Getting my nails done and a regular basis
AND...basically being the craftiest, funniest, most talented, smallest version of myself, EVER!

Yeah.  Seriously.  This.  Is.  My.  List.

;)  Much Love,


(Want to find out your Type?  Check out Carol Tuttle's book, 'It's Just My Nature!'

I adore...