Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Official...

I FINALLY have a date! No...not that date. Or even THAT ONE
This one:

After years of refusal (an interesting story about me and "My Plan", rather than my Heavenly Father's plan for me...) and months of not seeing, I was prompted.  NOW was the time.  Now was the time I was to go through the temple.  Not live worthily and see what happens, but "Do what you are supposed to do to be ready...NOW."  So, after a meeting with the bishop, a time goal was set, callings were accepted, assignments taken on.  He, of course, kept close tabs on me...and after I got through my speaking assignment in Sacrament Meeting last week, I was called in again.

"Do you remember what time we said?"

"Three months-ish."

"Yes.  How many months has it been?"

"About three months."

"Go ahead and pick your're ready."

I've never been so happy, giddy, smiley, bouncy in my life.  I called and made the appointment this morning!  I'm going to the 10 AM session at the Salt Lake Temple: ON MY 30TH BIRTHDAY!  I'm feeling butterflies: that wonderful mix of anticipation, wonderment and excitement all rolled into one.  It feels like I have so much to do-and learn before I go through...with so little time to do it in...but it absolutely feels...


Much Love,


*I'll keep you posted.  :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 5 White Frames...July...

I had blog jealousy after reading and seeing so many awesome, happy, fun, creative, cute, crafty spaces.  Then, instead of feeling sorry about my dirty, dusty space, I sprung into action, cleaned and dusted and re-routed my computer wires and gussied up the top of the hutch.  I pulled out my beloved Marshall (I ADORE this thing!!! Thanks Daddy!) and my art/graphic design/Adobe books from hiding and tucked a few more goodies into my version of "that thing I covet at Brie's house" aka The Folded Book and...then? The rest of the space felt empty. super cute mom came to the rescue with the God Bless America...print over at the SUPERFANTASIC Landee See, Landee Do blog and it got me thinking...two days later

The 5 White Frames were born!!! :)

What do you think? My most excellent plan is to change them out for the month/holiday/season or whenever I find a pic that I adore.  Here are July's: 

*The rectangular frame on top of the block has a vintage little boy holding a firecracker that says,
"Will you go OFF with me on the 4th?"
HA! I so loved it!

Because my birthday (Shh...the big 30!) is next month, I have a mix of b-day and other fab finds that make me happy, like Marie Antoinette and Alice in Wonderland pics all picked out...  It really is a happy, inspiring mix. I promise...  Stay tuned! :)

Much Love,