Saturday, April 24, 2010

Epic Flames...


After MONTHS of planning and worry and failure after failure, I finally have a page of vinyl flames for Vince's Duesenburg guitar.  I'm happy with they way they turned out...but I'm not sure if they're exactely what he had in mind.  My instructions were, "You could curve it like this..."  I'm really hoping that he'll find some that he can use and will like well enough to put on his baby! 

ps...I really like that you can see my fbook pic peeking out from behind the flames up top... :)

I'm thinking that I should probably cut another page in yellow...
Much Love,



Anonymous said...

These look gorgeous on a guitar, I love these flames! It will look amazing.
Wish you a great weekend!

jonnajonna said...

Thanks! From what I hear, Vince is really happy! Me too...I'm thrilled to have successfully completed the project! I've been playing around with a few different programs and have come up with some awesome results. I'll get some posted soon...promise! :)