Friday, June 17, 2011

Best. Trip. Ever...!

Thank you, Orlando for:

making me dizzy
and a little bit nauseous
and giddy
and exhausted
and hungry
and HOT
and dampish
and soaked
and full
making me scream
and laugh-a lot...
fanta twist floats
the Tower
meeting the Yeti (again...and again...and again...)
foot-long churros
front row
and back row
Aerosmith with sub woofers
the great people watching...

...and these:

{YES! We were in the front row!!}

{Another front row!}

{This one we were in the back for all but 1 or the 5 times we rode one day...}

{I SOOO loved this ride!  It's in the dark-but this video has the lights on...}


(I didn't take any of these videos...they were all borrowed from YouTube... )

Pictures will come soon...I promise!

Much Love,



{B} said...

I SO have to ride the Expedition Everest ride! YETI'S?!? It looks fascinating. Let's go right now!

jonnajonna said...

YES!!! I SO loved this ride!!! And..I'm ready to go back NOW!