Friday, March 26, 2010

Custom M.U.S.E....

I know I've posted these pics just about EVERYWHERE else...but I'm REALLY happy and proud of my work! (Besides that, I wanted a more permanent record of them. I'm actually planning on printing my blog one day... :) )

I was asked-and very honored-to create a logo and a custom web design for a hand made guitar about two weeks ago. Daniel, the master craftsman is 16 and he did ALL of the work on his own. I think he did an amazing job (and want him to design ME a guitar one day!)

This is the logo that I created for Daniel. I included the spider (which I LOVE!) as a surprise. I hope he likes it! This is done out of matte black adhesive vinyl. I designed the logo on the Gypsy and cut it with the Cricut. I LOVE Provo Craft...they have made my life SO much easier-and fun...and messy...and creative!

The ONLY instructions Daniel had for me was, "Cover it in spiderwebs!". I hope this is something like what he had in mind. I hand cut this out of the same black vinyl as the logo using an Exacto knife and LOTS of patience. I absolutely LOVE the contrast between the matte black vinyl and the satin finish of the guitar. This pic doesn't do it justice, but I swear, I was drooling a bit when I got it on. I chose adhesive vinyl for this project because the guitar will be played. Static vinyl is a great choice for guitars, but given the location of the largest web, Daniel's arm will be in almost constant contact with the design. I didn't want the web to budge!

I've had a few questions about how adhesive vinyl works...and if it could damage the surface of the guitars. My thought is, NO! It should NOT damage the surface/finish of your guitar. The adhesive vinyl I use is the kind made to go on walls, glass, ceramic, etc. I have NEVER seen it damage or harm any surface. This vinyl IS removable, but NOT reusable. Also, for matte or satin finish guitars, the static vinyl has a difficult time sticking-adhesive is the best bet. I have both adhesive and static vinyl on a few of my personal guitars and have NEVER had a problem! On the plus side, static vinyl is removable and reusable! :)
*For those who are interested, a job like this including a custom logo and a hand cut design sells for around $60 (depending on size, materials and time).


{B} said...

It turned out amazing! What time did you go to bed?! I love the logo. Good job my friend.

jonnajonna said...

THANK YOU!!! I went to bed around 2, but I wanted to post pics everywhere, first. This job took me about 3 hours.

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rachel! said...

woowww! GOOD job! it looks so good! i love the logo and the work on the guitar is incredible! good job! and it only took you 3 hours?! woww. i'm impressed with the work you cut by hand. patience. such a good job!!

jonnajonna said...

Thank you, Rachel! I really enjoyed doing this. But the best part was the look on the guys face when he saw it! Priceless! :)