Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beautiful Twists

Elladean, a friend of mine, once explained what a Beautiful Twist is...

"Beautiful Twists are twists that turn out to be beautiful and unexpected moments in our lives."

I am thrilled to report that I am finding myself in the middle of one such Beautiful Twist! My life the last three weeks or so has turned itself upside-down and inside-out. I've begun things I never thought I would, taken on so much more than ever imagined, and suddenly stopped things I once thought I could never live without. I have created so much abundance in my life, changed the world, moved mountains, made history and surrendered to myself to the greater good...

I cannot say where it is I'm headed or what will happen once I arrive, but I do know it's for an amazing reason-whatever that may be... I'll share what I can along the way...



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