Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 24th...

Starchild's new landlord invited us to his place for a 24th style BBQ.  That turned into, "Jon, will you and Floyd play for us?"  That turned into, "Can the JDB play?"  THAT turned into, "Bring whomever you'd like-it's catered!" (And, as it turned out, it wasn't a BBQ.  It was fantastic Mexican and chocolate covered fruit!) THEN, the guys started loading gear and we went up the hill to the top of the world.

Sunset on the Great Salt Lake.
I love the smirks on their faces.
Valley shot.  Jordan River Temple is in the middle.
I really liked the silhouettes.
We had a few dancers.
The dot in the middle is Venus.

We shot a video of the show-you can see the camera in the middle.
The end of a song-and the beginning of fireworks.
I LOVED the movement in this one.
The end of the show.
Fireworks behind Michael!

We invited good friends Dan and Virginia (the BEST Karate instructors I know) and Winu and Kyle (owners of High Note Thai Cuisine) to come with us.  It was an absolute blast!  Thanks again Tony, for such a great time...and view...and food...

Much Love,


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