Monday, May 4, 2009

For the Love of Etsy

The glorious M.U.S.E. By jonnajonna banner!

As a starting point and to get all of my stuff in one spot, I've begun the process of getting ALLLLLLL of my fabulous makes in one spot. THAT means that my BabyCakes Hair Clippies, M.U.S.E. Photographs, the (in process...) M.U.S.E. Silver, M.U.S.E. Jewelry AND whatever else I feel inspired to create will ALL be available through the AMAZING venue of Etsy!

I've played around with a few things, listed some new, added some old and updated the info on my Etsy page! Yay! You can find me at, AND there are a few of my creations over in my Etsy Mini on the side there. Enjoy those...

As always, I am open to creating custom items, turning ANY shot of mine into the best dang greeting card EVER, and adding YOUR own quote to my famous (really!) flour sack towels! Anything! Just jot me a note here OR over at my shop! Just CLICK (and you'll get FREE shipping!) and we'll go from there!
A fabulous friend told me once that I ought to be paid for my creativity. I second that. Do you?

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