Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yesterday was the fantastic field trip to Hogle Zoo with my K's, the other two Liberty classes and about 20 other school buses. My buddy David and I were partners and had a BLAST!

First thing first: RUNNING past everything in the attempt to be the ONLY people at the penguins. The good news? SOMEHOW we made it!

David LOVES penguins (so do I) and had a ton of fun watching them waddle around. I SO love the sound their feet make in the puddles. (...slappy wet peaches...) One followed us and posed for the camera. :)

Next we visited the black bears, zebras, gorilla, and the monkey house. Monkeys creep me out...bad...but David seemed to love them!

We were also SUPER lucky to have the bat cave to ourselves. David didn't like the bats or the smell (badbadbadbadbad) but LOVED that they were eating "fruit salad". I tried a couple of different settings on the camera but because they were flying around (like idiots...) most of the pics are blurry...

We also got to visit the reptile house and see the HUGE tortoises (eating with their feet in their bowls...), the BIG cats (the tiger was VERY vocal
and the cheetah's head was turned so far around I thought it just *may* fall off), the giraffes (one had a stubby tail and it made me sad), the elephant "experience" (we got to see
two back ends and no fronts), some
spiders, snakes, birds and...the train station. David LOVES trains! The conductor (a skinny 18 year old (I'm guessing...) boy) was fantastic. He had the whole shpeel down. He was no Kip, though. Anyway, while on the train we got to see some goatsheep thing, turkey vultures-"the cleaners of the desert", and HUGE buffalo. Best part? the track ran right through where they "live". What if we ran into one? What if ONE RAN INTO US?!?! I wasn't sure I liked that arrangement...

My FAVORITE part of the field trip? When I got to RUN with 3 kids from the reptile house UP to the playground and back down to the bus parked in the south lot. I had 10 minutes... My kids were amazing and kept up-even though they were hot, sweaty and DONE! Thanks guys!
You can KIND of see how far that trip was on the map...



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