Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Personal Transformation

4 weeks ago, I made a big decision.

I had been toying with Vegetarianism for years now. I'd go a day or two meat-free and be VERY proud. I've been working on a new list, inspired by Leni, my "29 before 29"-a fantastic list of to-do's, to-tries, and to-be's before I turned 29. #16 on that list was, "Explore a Meat-Free week and record the results." I felt happy, fulfilled, light and free the days that I left the meat out...but I'd always get sucked back in because I LOOOVED cheese and butter and bacon and ice-cream and BBQ's and... The salads at Cafe Rio make me drool a little bit. Training Table? YES PLEASE!-One Hickory Burger Combo, added bacon, with Cheese Fries, dipping sauce and a large Diet Coke. East Coast's Ham & Cheese with everything but onions. Yummm...

Until I read about three pages in T. Colin Campbell's, (PhD) book, The China Study.

I decided then-June 24th, 2009 that I was going to cut ALL animal protein out of my diet.

No Meat

No Dairy

No Eggs

I did it not to be ethically sound or to save the planet-I did it for a perceived selfish reason: My Health. But...the good news? I AM being ethical and am saving the planet! By not consuming these "foods" I am almost eliminating my chance of getting cancer and Type 1 Diabetes (both diseases are in my family-on my Mother's AND Father's side.) as well as supporting animal rights and NOT supporting the chemicals and pollution that comes from "processing" animals. There's not even the packaging to deal with. When buying fresh veggies, you get the produce bag-which can be recycled in Murray (either in my city issued recycling can OR I can take them to work-my Elementary school recycles grocery bags!)
In 4 weeks I've lost about 5 pounds and an inch each off of my tummy, thighs and arms. My skin is smooth and glowing. I need less sleep, have more energy and am tolerating heat better. I'm eating less, burning more. I never thought that I could get so full on veggies and brown rice...

ALL by just by cutting out animal protein.

About three weeks into this transformation, I received an email from one of my favorite online shops, Mod Cloth. They are having a Terrific Transformation contest in honor of their website make-over and asked for each of their friends to blog about THEIR biggest transformation. When I read it, my new lifestyle had clicked so well that I didn't think that it HAD been a personal transformation-it was just my new, easy life. Then it hit me-when I finally took a GOOD look at myself. I had made this change. I made this choice. A change that gotten me on a great path. More energy=More accomplished. Feeling Better=GREAT choices. And so on, and so forth.

I really believe that because of the HUGE, yet simple choice of becoming Vegan it has made it possible to start so much and clear negative beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. I've started attending my Church meetings with a good friend and for the first time in my life, LOVE IT. I've also committed to attending fall classes at The Academy of Arts University. (I can earn my degree 100% online! I just got info back today!)
Life is good.


lifeinredshoes said...

Can I have your steak?

Just asking.

Glad you feel better.

Michelle said...

Thanks for taking me along for the ride of my life!
Words are not adequate to describe the changes that have taken place for all of us as we have created this new lifestyle but you have, once again, done it!
Your love for all things shines through in your every action and thought and, as you know, thoughts become things!