Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling Nesty

I've got that Spring itch.
(Actually, I've had it since December 26th.)
I'm ready for the green grass and tulips...for the baby birds and the blue sky...for the warm sun and butterflies...and dragonflies...
The other day, A Beautiful Mess had a glorious idea. Elsie posted a gorgeous Spring feather butterfly wreath. Inspired by her project and these fun polishes:
I went shopping. Here's what I found:

( nails are bright yellow!)

Then I got to work. I wound chunky multi-grey yarn over a straw wreath frame...twice.
Then I wound fun light and wispy grey on top.
And the I broke out the itty bitty (still working) glue gun and...TA DA!

I love this project. I'm not sure though, where I'm going to hang it. I originally thought that I would hang it in my bathroom, where it would get the most light...but now I'm thinking by my bed. Who knows...
I just hope it will tide me over...until Spring-time.
***BTW, my amazing daddy got me a new glue gun today. An Arrow brand "MAN" glue gun that takes special glue...that's guaranteed not to explode (for one year).


Carly said...

I love your interpretation of Elsie's DIY, it's so cute!

jonnajonna said...

Oooh! Thanks Carly! I had a lot of fun with this project! Elsie is a freakin amazing... :)

Des said...

Yay for amazing daddies and new glue guns! :) Super cute wreath.

heatheranne said...

Jonelle! I didn't know you had a blog... yay!
I LOVE the projects you've done on here. Maybe we'll have to get together and paper-craft away sometime... although my stuff doesn't turn out nearly as great as all your stuff!
Love it... Heather