Monday, February 15, 2010

Through the Looking Glass...

I'm feeling that "nostalgic warmth" again. Every two months or so, I have to pull out Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette to get my fill of outrageous abundance in all it's forms. I am in love with the soft pastel colors, the hair (and accessories), and the layer upon layer of over the top lux. I'm ready for Spring (and was told that I have "Seasonal Depression Disorder"...) and for the promises it holds. I'm also ready for the wonderfully twisted world of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Below is an interesting mix (in no particular order) of Loves inspired by the two unrelated films...that somehow fit perfectly-and beautifully together.

*By the way...I made that mirror up above. It's soft and has a fuzzy mercury glass feel to it.*

This is my favorite version of the Alice story... A pop-up book by J. Otto Seibold.

As far as I'm concerned, Kirsten Dunst played this part PERFECTLY
(and all of the fabulous '80's music made it just that much better).

This is a swiped YouTube compilation of Marie clips.
The song is What Ever Happened by The Strokes

I love this. So much...

The colors in this hair clip are amazing.
I want to wear this to Easter dinner.

This gorgeous piece is just over $850...

...but it opens and you can play with the goodies inside!

A vintage sterling sliver headband-and Alice classic.

I LOVE grey and yellow together.
This reminds me of that transition time when there's still a chance of frost, but the first tulips and blossoms are ready.

One of my favorites in on of my favorite shades.
I would have a ranunculus bouquet by my bed year round if I could.
(Ranunculous symbolize radiant charm, by the way...)

Alice is my favorite Disney movie.
I don't care if I am 28-I would wear this.

I love this more than anything.
I want a black dining room one day...

I would probably wear these with jeans...

This is the song that Avril Lavigne wrote for the new Alice movie.
What do you think???
I think she's gorgeous...and I want her eyes. And hair.



{B} said...

I dig mercury glass. I have never seen Marie Antoinette...apparently i'm missing out! Have you heard of Alice by Jan Švankmajer? It's so extremely bizarre.

jonnajonna said...

I watched your fbook Alice clip. Creepy!!! The rabbit made me scream. Marie Antoinette is the BEST movie ever. Period. The actors are amazing and the music is better. You NEED to see won't be sorry!

The mercury glass mirror was super easy! I found a can of Krylon "Looking Glass" paint, sprayed my glass down with water first (to give it the bubbled look) and put about 12 coats on. Perfectly fuzzy...and forgiving!

rachel! said...

all of those hair things ARE GORGEOUS. and avril looks cute!