Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I've done a lot of thinking about the "BIG" things that I should accomplish this next year.  I did some pretty amazing things in 2011...even if they weren't marked momentous in the lives of everyone else! Ha! What's sad is even though they all meant the world to me...I didn't get around to documenting them here.  Lame.'s a simplified version of my ta-da's from this last year:

*realizing, getting prepared and ready and attending the temple
*FINALLY being "ready" to teach guitar
*moving on
*beginning and FINISHING the worlds more difficult baby quilt for my most favorite thing in the world (it was a serious dangerous, hard, forced creativity, time consuming, butt kicking project...)
*losing poundage
*decorating on a fairly regular basis...for a couple of months straight...
*understanding the Atonement
*figuring out my "Type".  Yep, I'm a ONE!!!
*being the best tanta ever! ;)
*playing guitar with my daddy on Christmas day during the Sacrament Meeting Christmas program...

...I just looked at my list of wants from January...  Not many of them happened.  I guess it was because I was busy doing 800 million other things... :)

Here is my current list of wants for 2012.  I'm sure it's going to change 365 times, but that's okay.  As long as I've got something awesome going on, I'm happy... ;)

*Learn how to run 
*Keep losing
*Embroider more (PS, I ADORE Wild Olive!!!)
*the BIG one
*go to the temple at least twice a month
*keep teaching (and learning) the guitar
*get over the dang stage fright already!
*read a new book each month
*get Christmas made by Thanksgiving...
*buy a new car
*change my self perceptions...
*blog more...let's aim for at least once a week... ;)

Keep your fingers crossed for me...

Much Love,



Katie and Shawn said...

I miss you! Looks like you had a fantastic year...I hope this one is ever better! Love ya Jonna!

lifeinredshoes said...

Listen, if you ever want someone to go to the temple with....give me a call!
Because I am such a novice :/

jonnajonna said...

Awww, Katie! I miss your face too! :)
Mamma Bateman, I'm so going to take you up on that offer!!! It's my goal to hit all of the Temples in Utah, cause really, we're super spoiled. HA ha! But, I'm far from my goal...maybe me and you and your sweet Brie could hit Boutiful? I haven't been there yet...