Monday, January 2, 2012

Why do I always give away the stuff I make...?

Seriously.  I love you guys, but I so want to be able to justify making something that stays with me!  Haha! You know...if I make something for me, I'm being selfish and wasting my time doing blank instead blank...  At least that's what I spend a lot of my time telling myself.
Anyway, I've been working on this happy bit for about 3 weeks and it wasn't until a few days ago that I found the perfect picture for the frame.  Promise me, Brie that YOU WON'T LOOK AT THE PICTURE!!! Cause, yes.  It's for you... ;)

The super cute gelatin mold is from one of Wild Olive's happy patterns from the Food Friends 2 pack.  So stinking cute! I can't wait until I have time to make them ALL...and maybe even keep one of them for myself...

Much Love,



lifeinredshoes said...

I hear what you're saying, I don't have much to show for my work :(

{B} said...