Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things About ME!

I'm not going to lie...I have LOVED reading these and was happy to get to fill out my 25 for Facebook last night! It took me about an hour an a half to come up with these... Enjoy! ;)

1-Brugge, Belgium is my favorite place on earth.

2-Amsterdam is a VERY close second and often flips places with Brugge.

3-I have found all 13 gnomes hiding in THE LARGEST DINOSAUR MUSEUM at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. Really.

4-My FAVORITE band is STYX and I've met the guys twice: once backstage at a meet and greet and once by chance at a Virgin Mega Store.

5-I HATE mayo and I freak out if it gets on my hands/face.

6-I can eat sour cream ONLY if it's mixed with something else. If it's JUST sour cream, it gives me the creeps.

7-My hair is bottle BLACK.

8-I LOVE blood oranges.

9-Daniel Craig made me a Bond fan.

10-I have 12 Teen Girl Squad videos saved on my phone.

11-My dream car is an Aston Martin DBS.

12-Right now, "My Moon, My Man" by Feist is my top played song on my iPod-with a count of over 100.

13-I am a PROUD owner of a Tommy Shaw water bottle. He drank from it, bent over and handed it to ME! I then had a taste... I had bruises on my elbows from that concert.

14-I have friends that live in Holland, Japan, Belgium and Sweden, as well as all over the US.

15-The solution to EVERYTHING at my house is to "just rub it out" then go get nachos.

16-Cupcakes are fabulous bits of heaven in one easy to handle, portion controlled nugget.

17-I NEVER follow recipes. My cooking kicks, too... ;)

18-I've been playing guitar since August of '08. (I feel like I should be better at it then I am, though... Guitar is in my blood.)

19-I speak a little Dutch. However, we wouldn't get very far when the extent of my vocab are words for, "cheese", "bike", "missionary", "Sunday", "mine", "fries", and "delicious"...

20-I believe that the Dragonfly is a personal omen. (PLEASE read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho!)

21-I just read the Twilight Saga and LOVED it.
I'm an Edward fan.

22-I once rode to Jackson Hole in a tour bus-pulling a trailor that held our car and all of the band gear. We watched Britney Spears music videos WHILE driving. Thank you, Aaron!

23-I like my meat (when I do eat it) to be very rare or RAW. I love half shell oysters and sushi.

24-I collect rocks and love them best if I find them myself. My favorites came from Arizona and the waterfalls in Oregon.

25-Franz Ferdinand is my newest obsession.


Our Fondaco Family said...

My Darling...
This post describes you to a "T". (whatever that phrase means exactly i don't know) I love you.

I am happy to say that I knew just about everyone of those tidbits already...

I am happy you posted this on your blog since I can't do the facebook thing... btw! So: i received about 7 friend requests from people on facebook... how is that possible if I don't have an account? OR do I have one that I don't know about? Help me solve this problem please!!!!! Especially since I got one from our male friend from the past ( please know who)... yeah. not a good can of worms but it's drawing me in...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh do I miss you!

jonnajonna said...

Hey Love,

The Facebook thing? I'm sure you figured it out by now-but I sent you an invite-then suggested friends for you-probably most of those that requested you. ;)
As for the male friend, yeah I know who it is-and NO I didn't suggest him. (At least I made it a point NOT to...I could have goofed...) Anyway, I knew it would be touchy...Glad you made it over there though!