Monday, February 16, 2009


Lucky for me, I got to spend a good chunk of my Valentines Day at Guitar! I was more than a little apprehensive to walk in this week because of the ABSOLUTE mess I was last week...

See, I've been learning The Sound of Silence-Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades version-for a couple of weeks and for some reason, I had NOT been able to get the strumming pattern and palm muting down! I was extremely hard on myself and allowed myself to get STUCK. Truth be told, I was thinking too much, too hard about what I was supposed to do and not subcoming to the "creative process" of the music. Once I let that was a different story.

The R&R rainboots in The Jon Dansie Band studio with bassit Floyd Kunz (his boots are yummy...)

So, on Saturday I donned my Rock & Roll rainboots, sucked it up and flew to guitar. While it wasn't perfect, I did well! With a sigh of relief and one eye closed I looked at B-who was smiling-for conformation that I wasn't the gangly teenaged boy I felt like. He was pleased...

He then presented me with a challenge: "I've learned one of the songs (Phasination Phase-Carter Burwell) you want to play. It's fun, slow and is ALL finger picking. I would also like to see you learn Don't Panic (Coldplay) because it's full of odd chords and HARD strumming patterns. Which one is it?" I never thought that I would be confronted with such an inner battle at guitar: Do I go with PP because while it won't be SUPER easy, I'm comfortable with finger picking (I actually prefer it over using a pick). I go with DP because I need to PUSH myself, to move past the hang-ups? I shared that inner dialog with B. He smiled and said, "I know your choice, then..." and began to write up Don't Panic.

With a small voice I said, "bring it on"...still not convinced...

B just smiled again, "Don't Panic" he said, laughing at his joke.

After a successful lesson, I rewarded myself with a HUGE peanut butter cookie and an IBC Cream Soda from Hungry Bear (how lucky am I that there is a HB RIGHT across the parking lot from The Acoustic Musician?!!!) and went home.

Later that night-after a 3 hour nap-I woke up to find my house full of friends and family. As a group we decided to NOT get sucked in the V-Day trap and stay home and have...NACHOS! Julie built the LARGEST tray of nachos anyone at the table has ever seen-then we topped them off with olives, artichoke hearts, chunky salsa, hummus, and jalapenos. It was perfect...

We decided to prolong V-Day and have Floyd and Julie come over on Sunday for ice cream-and another dinner. This time B and Andrea came to join us. (Thanks guys!) Andrea and I figured out how to make "One at a Time" cakes out of No Pudge brownie mix, a spoonful of plain yogurt and a little vanilla! They were amazing (and fat free! Yay!)!

I love that ALL of my parties and holidays are filled with amazing friends and family, great music, tasty food and late nights! I am so grateful for everyone sharing these experiences with me!



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