Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day: The Fifth...

Yeah...yesterday was Day 5.  Day 5 didn't happen, because as it turns out, I actually had plans...
So, today gets to be Day 5 AND 6...  Hang on... ;)

Day 5 - what you have learned in the past month...

  • That portion sizes matter...and that 29 is a magic number.
  • How to figure out a minor pentatonic chord.
  • The beginning of 'Free as a Bird'.
  • How to read The Circle of Fifths.
  • I drink a lot more water while sucking on a Camelbak
  • Spending $35 every two weeks on nails is worth it.
  • To say what you feel...regardless of the outcome.
  • (Don't hurt anyone's feelings when you say what you feel.)
  • What you eat does matter...and that you can reverse the bad with a few weeks of the good.
  • Most doctors know what they're talking about.
  • Friends are the cheapest form of therapy.
  • My hair looks much better when it's ALL black.
  • Putting stroganoff in your ears results in a trip to the doctors...(NOT me...a kid at school...)
  • Trusting others? EASY.
  • Trusting MYSELF? So, so hard. (Especially when it turns out not the way you knew it would.)
  • Doing yoga and pilates before bed relaxes my back and helps me sleep.
  • So does melatonin...
  • I miss Postum.
  • And...I REALLY need a vacation.
:) Much Love,



{B} said...

Bah!! I miss postum so much! Pero is close but not quite the same. :(

jonnajonna said...

I KNOW!!! :( I like Caffix too, but it's hard to find and extra pricy.