Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heartsick... not too strong a word.  I miss The Netherlands and Belgium so much it actually hurts.  I miss the people I met while there.  I miss the way my name sounds when a "Dutchie" says it.  I miss the long walks through parks and driving through narrow one ways.  I miss the open vastness and the windmills in the distance.  I miss watching the sun set on land-not behind a mountain.  I miss the food...especially the cereal I had in Amsterdam and the pannekoeken I had in Appeldoorn.  I miss the culture.  I miss everything we had in common-and feeling like I was really supposed to be exactly where I was. 

I miss what that time in my life meant-and why I was there.

I honestly feel like I was born in the wrong place...and that maybe...just maybe I'll be lucky enough to call Holland home one day.

Much Love,


2 comments: said...

Wonderful expression of your feelings and thoughts Jonna, it touched me a lot not only because I'm a Dutchie living there too. Nice photos. I love your new header image a lot, it's so precious! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
Gretings from Amsterdam,

jonnajonna said...

...THANK YOU!!!! :)