Friday, February 11, 2011

I heart...

With V-Day around the corner, I thought I'd share another list of my current obsessions... 

Crash Kings. Yes, again.  Their songs are linked to some extra powerful emotions.  Each one throws me back to another time and place-and even the ones that remind me of some super painful times, I'm still absolutely in love.

Salon Dante and my most wonderful, happy, gorgeous nail lady, Kari.  She does amazing, mesmerizing work and I'm thrilled to spend an hour with her every 2 weeks.  Seriously, my nails have never looked better.  I go in for an acrylic overlay on my original nails, and keep them filed short, so I can still play my guitar.  I love them!  It was a little bit of a transition (like anything new, the nails were a bit heavier and I kept bumping them...) but now I'm doing really well.  Go to Salon Dante...and ask for the jonna.  You'll love it! :)

Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga.  I seriously love this book.  Tara's routines are amazing...and very problem specific.  They are easy to learn and I don't feel pressured to stay with or in a pose if it's uncomfortable or if my legs just aren't cooperating.  Is it weird to feel validated and accepted by a book? 

Gnomeo & Juliet.  I'm so looking forward to this movie! (I get to go tomorrow night with two of my favorite people!!!)  Three things:  1) I love Romeo and Juliet, 2) I love Elton John, 3) and I have a weird fascination with gnomes.  Perfect.  Sign me up.  :)

The Tudors...  A terrible habit.  Especially with THESE guys...I love them...

I so love this scent.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  I smell happy and girly and fancy and naughty...  One spray (though I usually end up spraying 3 or 4) makes me smile. 

The Bare Minerals make-up is so amazing.  I love the way it makes my skin feel.  And look.  I love the way the brushes feel.  I love that I don't look overly done up.  I look natural.  I glow. I am addicted.


I am seriously grateful for:

The gospel and the BoM on my iPod
My brother-and his gorgeous, happy, creative, happy, bubbly wife
My amazing, supportive, strong, loving, talented parents (and grandparents!)
My friends that I can't live without...and who so love me back
My Jack and Abby
The Beatles
Mustard Yellow and Gray
Christmas lights around my window
My happy, glowing room
My sewing machine
The Craft Room
Room 14
June 7th
James Franco & Jason Schwartzman

And so much more...

Much Love,



Katie said...

Love this and love YOU!!! (woot woot room 14!) Can you help me make my blog beautiful like yours???

jonnajonna said...

KATIE!!! Sorry...I just saw this... :/ I've been a blog slacker for awhile... You want beautiful!? My MOST FAVORITE blog goodie place it GO. NOW!!! :)