Saturday, April 11, 2009

4-5-6 come on and get your kicks

Effing Carrots.

About a week ago I decided that for Easter I would be in charge of the veggies (Brussels sprouts with leeks and bacon...yum!!!...and mashed yams with garlic, coconut milk and cilantro...Ahh!) a simple salad and dadadaada! A Carrot Cheesecake made with Splenda and low fat cream cheese.
Simple. Easy. No problem...

This morning I decided to get up and get myself put together early to get Easter errands run BEFORE guitar. I dumped out the change bucket, cashed it in at the Coinstar in Albertson's (cause Sunflower doesn't have one...) and got the cream cheese, because they were 10 for $10. On sale cream cheese! Yay! I made the decision to go to Sunflower-not only because they are my FAVORITE grocery store (it smells WONDERFUL in Sunflower!) but because they have the best prices on the best produce in the valley-but by the time I was done dodging the oldsters in the aisles and the pissies in the parking lot it was time for my lesson. So...I went up the hill.

Lessons today were positive, productive and happy! B's new studio has a window (blessed sunlight!) which gave me something to focus on while thinking through the various strumming patterns I was working on (and still get to...) I'm still working on Love and Some Verses, Look What You've Done and Alloway Grove, and today I threw Loving You by Paolo Nutini into the mix.
Afterwards, I flew to Ikea (for the 5th time in less than two weeks...) to pick up the random bits we forgot the last couple of times, check sizes on poster frames and to pick up a chair for my space in the Starchild Studios. Best part of THIS trip to Ikea??? I spent the entire time singing JET's Are You Gonna Be My Girl and while picking out the chair, it came on the huge speakers in the self serve furniture area! FABULOUS!

After Ikea (and a particularly enjoyable trip to Zuppa's), I ran to Sunflower to get the stuff for tomorrow's dinner. TONS of yams, 3 lbs of Brussels Sprouts (I loved Brussels...), the pecans and graham crackers, an itty bitty piece of fresh ginger, some sushi (for tonight...I was hungry) and was THRILLED to walk out with EVERYTHING I needed plus a magazine for less than $40.

I get home, put everything away, make a phone call or two, sit down and Mom says...did ya get the carrots? I literally sat there and said,

"No...but why would I need carrots???"

Certainly NOT for the Carrot Cheesecake. Nope, not for that. Honestly. So, I got to go BACK to Sunflower (thank Heavens they are just up the street!) to get the effing carrots. Beautiful, baby, organic carrots with the greens still attached...they smell and taste just like Grandpas... Until I drop the freaking bag on the floor and break ALL the tips off.

This trip to sunflower cost me MORE than the first. Somehow...

So HAPPY FREAKING EASTER my loves. I'm going to go brush my teeth.



Our Fondaco Family said...

:( sad, sad carrots :(

jonnajonna said...

Best freakin part!?!?! First off, NO ONE (except mom and dad-because THEY GET IT) ate the other stuff!!!! THEN, (yes, I was MORE than done with Easter-longest two hours of my LIFE) when it came time for cheesecake, dad had a piece (he asked me to cut it) and grampy had some. NO. ONE. ELSE.
I'm *$&* full...honestly.