Friday, April 17, 2009


Working in a Kindergarten room is an absolute BLAST! My kids are doing so, so well (at the beginning of school, each and every student needed LOTS of extra help and support to be on grade level. NOW, ALL of my kids are above bench-mark and MOST of them are reading on a 1st grade level or above!) and are just so much fun to be with.

I love being with the same kids from 8:45 am to 3:10 pm, Monday through Friday. I thought I *may* get burned out coming from the preschool where I had two groups of kids each day (morning and afternoon groups) that came every OTHER day. I was happily surprised! All day Kindergarten is just a DREAM! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Courtney (my teacher, mentor and friend) and I couldn't have hand picked a happier, funnier, more well behaved class. This is the BEST job I've EVER had! (And that's saying something!)

This week I decided to keep track of some of the BEST things I've heard the kids say...get ready...

The Top 15 Things Overheard in Room 14
"A baby fish is called a french fry."
"Miss Dansie...your' wouldn't do it like that again if I were you..."
"My Gramma Cher Cher cut up the cheese."
While doing top to bottom addition: "2+4 'eek-wewls'... No. Not 'eek-wewls'. 2+4...line."
"That's my dog, Spike. And THAT'S his private body part. Let's just cover that up."
"...and then this one guy had a REALLY long tooth right here. It was just...weird!"
"I'm thinkin' about bein' a monster right now..."
"It's a robot with a vacuum."
"ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeEEEEEEeeezzzEEEEezzzzzzzzzZZZZZZuuuuzzz... Oh."
"GUYS! NO MORE PEEPING!"--"Oh. I'm just excited."
"Wanna hear a joke?! Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Ninja!" "Ninja who?" "NINJA!" "Ninja WHO?" "Lettuce." "What?" "Say, Lettuce WHO!" "Lettuce who." "Lettuce you glad I didn't say ninja?" "Dude, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be 'ORANGE'." "Oh. Wait. Watch this! Knock, Knock!"
"You wanna have a cracker? They're called 'pepper-jon's! HEY GUYS!! I'VE GOT MORE 'PEPPER-JON'S'!! They're GOOD!"
"Let's get up the glitter. THEN we can play Twilight at recess!
I'M EDWARD! Oooaaahh...I love him..."
Yes, really.


Steph said...

Wonderful, love! I'm so glad you're doing something you enjoy. I'm working on that, myself. I'll get there... Eventually...

Des said...

That was so funny! That's definitely one of the best parts about working with cute little munchkins-they say the funniest things! I am so excited for Abbie to be in that class next year. I love Courtney too. She is pretty awesome and I hope that you get to continue working with her next year! :)

Katie and Shawn said...

i LOVE it! oh the memories! I miss you!