Friday, March 18, 2011

Day: The Twelfth...

Day 12 - someone you didn't want to let go, but just drifted...


This boy.
(Sorry about the sad, small, blurry's a crop of a scan of a REALLY old original...)

This is his First grade picture.  Back then, I thought we'd ALWAYS be friends-or maybe...more? (Giggle!!) He was my first crush.  He was the name I carved in hearts on trees and doodled on paper.  He was the one I wanted to wear dresses for.  He was the one that I got into fights over (and got in trouble for).

This boy is still my friend...and even though "more" didn't happen, I'm sure I'd still blush if we were in the same room... 

...And I'm sure I always will...  :)

Much Love,


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m. christine weber said...

Hi! I just hopped over after seeing your pic pop up on my google friend follower! Thanks for the blog follow! I'm now a google friend of your site as well. And I ADORE the prettiness of it!!!

Have a fabulous day. :-)

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