Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ahh...the bliss that is STYX...

Last weekend, the wait was finally over. My Tommy was in town and I had great seats-I was happier than a girl in a candy shop-and just as inpatient.

The fun part is that I took State to guitar-so I got to Sloooooooooooooooooooooowwly drive past (traffic was INSANE!) Rio Tinto and-YES-got to see the fabulous as ever tour buses, the tents full of goodies, The Arrow getting set up... I was tingling in anticipation (at 1:30...)!

4:30 rolled around (FINALLY after a particularly disastrous lesson-I was very distracted...) and Myself, Dad, Mom, Floyd, Julie, Erin and Hannah all met at Raphael's-an interesting sit-down Mexican restaurant that has plastic chairs and a salad bar with lots of beans on it-to carb load before we faced the MILE plus walk from parking (@ The South Towne Expo) to our seats at the Stadium. Our waiter was 12 (I'm guessing) and LOOOOVED all of our menu choices. Apparently "Billy" has a lot of faves.

After lots of hot sauce and a "confused" sour cream mishap or two, we were off. We all met at Starchild to carpool and just as we were getting in the car...guess what? IT STARTED TO POUR!!!!!! Not just rain a little bit. We. Couldn't. See. ANYTHING. Nice. It took us about 10 minutes to get from 7th to State and into the parking lot (it usually only takes a minute or two going 40...) We piled out of the car, donned the rain jackets, hiked the pant legs up and started on our way.

By the time we made it IN the stadium, the rain had stopped (how perfect???!) but they weren't letting us on the floor. Turns out, they were DRYING OFF OUR SEATS!! The poor peeps in the stadium seats got to sit on wet chairs. Why was it different? The fact that after everything was all said and done my tickets cost almost $90? Maybe. We made the long walk to our seats and got all cozy-by this time the sky was blue, clouds were white and there was a sliver of a moon peeking out-when the announcer said that 38 Special would be out in the next 5 min. or so.

They were great!!!! The show was being billed as "All Classics-All Night" and that's what they gave us. While I didn't know enough words to sing along, I DID know the songs, tunes, etc. Fab. Here's a quick video of 'Second Chance' and 'Caught Up in You'.

Silly as it sounds, I was REALLLLLLY hopping for REO to play second. I needed my Tommy like NO OTHER, but STYX PLAYS LAST. That's my rule. STYX MUST PLAY LAST. That way I can really enjoy REO, have fun, and not be all spent from acting like a complete idiot because I am in the presence (never mind the fact that he's a good 50 feet away...) from Mr. Shaw and the rock gods of STYX. Just then Keith came out (amazingly nice (yes, I've met him) Stage Manager for STYX) and while I was THRILLED to see him I was secretly let down. So much for my plans, right?

The music being played over the loud speakers (to keep the crowds tame) was interrupted to play the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again"-which is to let us know (those that DO know) that STYX is just seconds away (I was on my feet by the second note of the song). And then, my boys were there.

I've done some digging on YouTube and have found a few videos of the show. Some are better than others...but ALL prove how freakin amazing STYX is.

I chose this one because the guy with the red hat was one row and about 6 people down from me. This is special jonna vision JUST FOR YOU!!!! I don't know who took this one, but it's superb.

THIS one is loads better. It looks to be the other side and few rows up from my seats:
'Grand Illusion' Gowan's tie is a skinny lime green. Yum.

STYX is my favorite band. Always has been. I read a little something the other day talking about the parts of the brain that are stimulated (YOU know what I'm talking about, Steph. ;) ) when you listen to your favorite music and I must say that I fully support that. I am an absolute MESS when Tommy Shaw is around (in any form...). STYX makes me weak in the knees and short of breath. Always. They played with such passion and force that when they walked off after Renegade, I felt as if I had completed an extremely hard workout. Thank you.

REO did a great job-but they didn't pack as much power as STYX. To compensate, they just turned up the volume. However, 'Keep Pushin' On" is one of my faves:

REO played and I stood-for some songs...-and sat on my wet jacket for others. I was sitting when I heard a collective gasp from the crowd. THIS was the reason:

Yes, that IS David Archuleta singing with Kevin. I don't believe that this was part of the plan-but it was super nonetheless.

Afterwards, Kevin talked a little about the new song that STYX and REO did together: "Can't Stop Rockin'"-the song the tour is named after. STYX came piling out and EVERYONE started singing. Todd (master drummer of STYX) played guitar for this one. I found this video-a compilation of great photos and video from the road, shot and assembled by Tommy Shaw!

Yes, my peeps-it WAS a most amazing evening. Bask is the bliss...
(By the way-it POURED on us for the walk back to the car. I didn't care.)


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