Tuesday, June 30, 2009

M.U.S.E. you satisfy my soul...

Life is good.

Thanks to the time off (all total, I get 10 weeks. I'm in the middle of week 4 of 10 now) I've had LOADS of free time, creative time, down time.

Time to FINALLY get some of those "sudden bursts of stupidity" (thanks Mr. Miller) out into the open, onto paper, out of vinyl.

After sitting in front of the fabulously addictive Cricut, I had one of those inspiring moments and out of it came M.U.S.E. Guitar Bling! :)

So far, I've made a good 300. Lots of cutting, figuring, arranging, sitting with a quilting needle pulling off the vinyl that's not part of the design. Happily, they are selling and selling FAST at Starchild. Then...people in Bountiful saw the designs and wanted some-they then went to their local amazing shop (Murphy's Guitars) asking for them. I've since been in contact with Murphy's and sent them 80 designs, on a consignment basis. In less than a week, he's decided to place them ON the counter by the register and sell them full time! I'm in negotiations with him now...

I created M.U.S.E. Guitar Bling as a way to personalize MY guitars without damaging the surface. The brilliance of Static Vinyl is it's just that! Static! It sticks when you want it to (to any slick/shiny surface) and comes right off-no mess, no goo, no damage to your gorgeous piece of soul. (Yes, I'm talking about your guitar!) Or mirror, pic frame, sliding door, window, bathroom tile, candy jar, etc., etc., etc.,

Just HAVE to have one but can't make it to Starchild or Murphy's? Good news... 6 of my best selling designs are now up on Etsy!

Find them here! jonnajonna.etsy.com

Stars and Love, ;)


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