Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Krylon Bandwagon

Inspired by the painting frenzy-patio chairs and the inside of the Studio-Donna Downey's "Inspiration Wednesdays", and my new love of yellow, I picked up a can of Sun Yellow Gloss Indoor/Outdoor Krylon spray paint, and my old wicker hamper and mag rack and ran outside.

Quickly I figured out that I also needed a change of shirt, an old sheet (No newspaper, recycling queen that I am...) and some sort of mask before I went much further. I found my DigiTech shirt: "The Power to Create" (DigiTech makes effects for studio/musician use), a Dr.s Mask and and old bed sheet and got to work.

Do you see the slight yellow tinge on the bridge of my nose?

I'm resisting the urge to somehow glam this project up. There's nothing wrong with a simple coat of paint...right? Besides that, they're going in the same bathroom as this:

Oh , glory be!



Des said...

I love it! I, too, have found myself on a spraypaint frenzy. When that happens, my kids hide their things in fear that they may be a different color before I am through!

jonnajonna said...

Des, I LOVE it!!!
I've had the desire to paint those stinkin things for MONTHS now and havn't been able to commit to a color. I'm really glad that I finally jumped on it! You should see them in the bright morning sunlight-my bathroom just GLOWS!