Friday, June 12, 2009


I've talked a lot about Starchild Music Productions and the projects that I'm working on for M.U.S.E. a lot lately, but I haven't shown any PICTURES! I took a few when I was in working the other day and thought you might like to see! Starchild offers guitar lessons taught by Jon and Brandon Dansie (all ages and skill levels encouraged), custom guitar work-done by THE Floyd Kunz of Artisan Guitar Works, M.U.S.E. (a line of goodies by me: static and adhesive vinyl images (that won't harm your guitar and look great on car windows, mirrors, walls, guitar picks, etc.), sterling silver jewelry (workin on it!) and a monthly newsletter-scheduled to be available in August (hopefully sooner!) called; 'M.U.S.E.ings of a Starchild'.)
Starchild Music Productions is located @:
650 E. Union Square Suite B
Sandy, Ut
Can't make it to Sandy for M.U.S.E.? Items are also available at It's a slow process getting items up, so check back often!
What do you think???
M.U.S.E. Guitar Bling in action!

My workspace and home of M.U.S.E.

Some of the guitars and swag Starchild has to offer...
See the guitar keys?

Some of the available M.U.S.E. Guitar Bling images.

Starchild is currently accepting students AND teachers! Email me for more info!

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jonnajonna said...

Yep-I'm commenting on my own post. Why? I'm happy to say that one of my M.U.S.E.ings Quote Books just sold on Etsy! It was up for less than 2 hours! Yay!